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TESTIMONIALS about Mindfulness Training and Workshops by Lorraine Gilks

Mindfulness - Mindfulness Training, Workshops and Online Courses


About 3 years ago, my life as I knew it began to unravel. The stressors in my life had taken me to an uncomfortable place where I felt as if events were spinning out of my control. I was unable to sleep, even to relax; my heart would often race out of control; I felt constant worry and experienced unusual anger and negative emotions towards people and situations in my life. Things were not good. I did not have the skills I needed to deal with the stresses in my life. I knew I could not continue living that way: I needed help. I am happy to say, I found the help I needed and not only did it get me through the situation that I was in - it changed my way of being!For the first time in my life, I decided to take some time off to deal with the situation facing me. I was referred to an amazing psychologist, who practiced Cognitive Based Therapy, and I was introduced to a fabulous MBSR coach, Lorraine Gilks. The past 3 years have been transformational for me and I have turned my life around, more than I could ever have imagined. I continue to study formally, to practice mindfulness, and to incorporate the skills that I learn into everyday life - and into my vocational commitments.


- M. S.


In each of our lives, people come into it and change the way we experience the world and we find a better way to live, love and ride the tides of change & loss with grace, dignity and a spirit of inquiry that gives us strength and courage.   Lorraine has been that person in mine.  If you are looking for someone who will guide you in ways that are subtle, yet profound, you need not look further!  Welcome to what you didn't even know you were looking for!   Enjoy the journey.  Lorraine will be with you each step of the way.

- Wendy L.



After trying many strategies to cope with chronic anxiety and mild depression, I was referred by  my psychologist to Lorraine to do Mindfulness Meditation as a new option for me to reduce my level of anxiety and stress.  I have attended beginners and intermediate sessions with Lorraine and keep going back for  ‘refreshers’, or simply evenings of group meditation and discussion or watching TED Talks that invite to group discussion.  Mindfulness Meditation has indeed become a great tool for me to manage my daily life.  Being present and in the moment has proven to be a great strategy to live my life with.  I have incorporated Mindfulness Meditation as a daily part of my routine to help me start my day, or even in the middle of it!


Lorraine is a caring, empathetic and objective coach, and attending her sessions and learning Mindfulness Meditation and the impact it has on our daily life has been a great complement to my psychological therapy.  She is always willing to discuss all topics, recommend great reading and share all her learnings  (and she is constantly updating her knowledge by attending Seminars and sharing this with her groups).

- Jenny P.



Taking a Mindfulness class with Lorraine is like walking into a room filled with peace and calm and leaving all of your cares behind you.  It is like wrapping yourself in a warm, soft blanket and restoring your soul.  In each class I learned a new and relevant aspect of Mindfulness that I could apply the very next day.  I learned how to meditate, control my thoughts, manage my breath and slow down the chatter in my mind.  I use these skills every single day and the benefits of my mindfulness teaching have touched every aspect of my life.  Lorraine is an inspiring teacher who is kind, thoughtful, sensitive, knowledgable and incredibly skilled in the world of mindfulness (among many other things).  I recommend Lorraine's Mindfulness program to anyone who is interested in learning about this fascinating world and bringing peace and calm into their lives.

- Lisa T.



Mind-Fit is the best and most amazing Mindfulness course I have ever taken! Learning the tools and techniques that Lorraine taught have helped me deal with the adversities of my life much better.  I am sleeping better than I have in years, and I have carved out more time to use the mindfulness and meditation practices that I now crave! I especially love how Lorraine tied all of the practices that we learned and practiced to scientific studies-- at a level that was very easy to understand. It was incredibly educational and I am looking so forward to the next course...Thank-you Lorraine for teaching me how to give myself the many gifts that you taught - I am a new person!"

- Rosemary Fusca



I have had the privilege of attending Lorraine’s mindfulness and meditation workshop both in a private setting and most recently at an “at work” workshop.  Lorraine’s experience and knowledge makes the material and life skills learned easy to understand, easy to relate to everyday life, and most importantly easy to remember!  I would strongly recommend this workshop if you want to learn valuable skills and tools to bring about life/work balance which includes coping techniques for stress and everyday challenges.  Lorraine’s approach of holistic and science-based research and the supporting material she provided was a great place to begin understanding how important mindfulness is to your life.  For me it has calmed my mind and rejuvenated my spirit both personally and professionally. For my colleagues it has given us a new language to work through difficult situations and help each other cope when things become challenging.                                                    

- Carolina B.



I have spent many years taking meditation classes and doing meditation, however taking Mindfulness with Lorraine has given me an entirely new outlook on my practice.  Lorraine’s mindfulness classes have helped me incorporate meditation into my daily practice which I found intimidating before.  Mindfulness looks at the science behind meditation and how it physically and emotionally affects neurons and pathways in the brain.  By quantifying my practice with Lorraine it has allowed me to be at peace with even a 10 minute meditation in my day.  It has also allowed me to explore other areas, authors and practices of meditation that are a nice addition to my established yogic practice.  Lorraine's classes will introduce you to mindfulness and the power behind meditation.  I have also had the opportunity to work with Lorraine as a coach and she has helped me with life challenges, parenting and making difficult decisions.  The clients that I have referred to Lorraine have fabulously positive comments and continue to work with her as a coach and as students of her Mindfulness classes.  I am very fortunate to attend her classes and to have Lorraine as a mentor.

- Pantea B.



Lorraine Gilks’ ‘Mind-Fit’ course came highly recommended at a perfect time... I was just trying to fit too many things into too little time.  I know almost everyone can identify with this common problem. Lorraine, a soft spoken, articulate woman shares her passion, insight and knowledge into the importance of daily meditation. Lorraine empowers each of her students to take control and to focus on the issues in their lives that are important.  An absolute must to experience.

- Enid L.



Many wonderful things have already been said about Lorraine in these testimonials.  They are all true.  I would like to add what a wonderful tool meditation is for anxious teens.  My teenaged daughter and myself have been taking private meditation lessons with Lorraine for over a year.  We initially came to help my daughter deal with anxiety and stress.   She learned the tools to recognize the signs of anxiety and ways to lessen and even stop the physical effects of it.  But we have learned so much more.  Lorraine’s warmth and insightful nature have helped my daughter blossom in so many ways.  We are both calmer, more confidant and happier.  I encourage you to give yourself the gift of mindfulness with Lorraine.  You couldn’t be in better hands. 


- Cathy A.

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