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CUSTOMIZED WORKSHOPS AND ONLINE WEBINARS - MindFit, Mindfulness, Life Coaching Series by Lorraine Gilks

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This Mind-Fit workshop series is designed to introduce participants to the power of the mind and to the importance of keeping mentally fit.  Just like the physical body, the brain needs exercise to keep functioning at an optimal level.  The more we build awareness and strengthen our physical, mental and emotional states, the stronger and more resilient we become.  With current advancements in neuroscience research, researchers are finally able to quantify and measure how important mind fitness is to health and well-being.


This introductory Mind-fit training is designed to showcase both qualitative and quantitative research findings in order for participants to better understand the relationship between physiological and cognitive changes in the body and mind.  Along with the research-based theory, participants will be introduced to formal practices such as meditation and body awareness exercises as well as informal practices that can be done anywhere, anytime, quickly and easily.  Session one is mandatory for all packages, and delivery can range from one to six hours.  Each session is available for in-person or webinar delivery.


* Workshops can be customized based on themes and audience interest.

Each session is one hour in length and is presented in the following format:


  • Introduction to the topic supported by current research

  • Formal guided practice of skills and techniques

  • Informal practice suggestions (how to incorporate learnings into daily life)

  • Summary & conclusion

  • Q & A

  • Distribution of handouts and resources


        ** Contact us for pricing and availability

Part One: Pumping Neural Iron

Mind-fit practices have been found in research studies to reduce and even reverse the negative effects of too much stress, by allowing us to change our physiology, perspectives and beliefs about stress.   In part one of the Mind-fit series, participants will learn how Mind-fit practices can change our brain, can improve our health and can allow us more control of our physical, mental and emotional responses to stress.  Participants will have an opportunity to practice one of the most common meditation techniques used to change the brain and will learn quick and easy skills that can be incorporated in to their daily lives.

Balancing work and life is something that many of us find difficult. There never seems to be enough time in the day and we can end up feeling like it is impossible to fulfill our obligations.  Not only are our lives often busy and out of control, but many of us find it difficult to switch from the left brain focus of  ‘doing’ to the right brain focus of  ‘being’. It can be challenging after a busy day working and running a business to switch gears and settle in with our children, spouses or to relax into something that recharges us. This Mind-fit session explores techniques and puts forth suggestions that will help participants step to the right-- that is to build and strengthen our right brain muscle with a goal to find more balance in our lives.

Part Two:  Stepping to the Right Hemisphere

Part Three:  Feel The Body Burn

Body sensations connect us to our physical, mental and emotional sense of balance.  Many of us have been taught to distract ourselves from physical sensations in the body.  For example, when we are children and fall down and hurt ourselves, it's common to be distracted by the offer of a treat, a toy or some other diversion, instead of allowing us to 'be' with and tune-in to the pain, embarrassment or other sensations we are feeling.  In this session participants will learn how to increase awareness of their physical bodies and will practice Mind-fit techniques to address pain, tension and the early symptoms of a stress response.

Part Four:  Brain Fuel

How we fuel our bodies and brain is just as important as how we exercise them.  Part four of this series will introduce participants to mindful eating practices.  How the food and drinks that we consume make us they give us energy, allow us to focus and concentrate for long periods of time or do they make us tired, unfocused and unproductive? In this session participants will engage in mindful eating activities to answer some of these questions and to also bring awareness to what’s behind the decisions that we make around the foods and drinks that we consume...are we eating for convenience, for emotional reasons (anger, fear, joy) or out of habit?  Most importantly, participants will take away new ideas and skills to help maximize brain power and energy.

Part Five:  Take One For The Team

Learn how to let go of anger, grudges and other negative emotions that can dominate our lives, and how to cultivate and increase the effects of positive experiences.  Understanding the nuances of compassion, empathy, pity, humiliation and embarrassment is vital in appreciating how we respond to difficult people and situations in life and business.  In this session we will explore how to discover the human perspective in potentially demanding situations and we will learn how to notice the impact both positive and negative social and professional experiences have on us. 


Part Six:  Interval Brain-Training

In this last Mind-fit session, the focus will be on teaching participants quick and easy Mind-fit techniques and tips that can be incorporated into our personal and professional lives.  Each of the techniques range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes in duration and will focus on increasing awareness and balance (physical/mental/emotional), building capacity to focus and concentrate, as well as simple techniques to quickly decrease stress levels and deescalate emotional responses to stress and other stimuli.


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