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KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS - Customized Presentations, Keynotes, Workshops on Mindfulness, MindFit and Life Coaching

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This Mind-Fit workshop series is designed to introduce participants to the power of the mind and to the importance of keeping mentally fit.  Just like the physical body, the brain needs exercise to keep functioning at an optimal level.  The more we build awareness and strengthen our physical, mental and emotional states, the stronger and more resilient we become.  With current advancements in neuroscience research, researchers are finally able to quantify and measure how important mind fitness is to health and well-being.


This introductory Mind-fit training is designed to showcase both qualitative and quantitative research findings in order for participants to better understand the relationship between physiological and cognitive changes in the body and mind.  Along with the research-based theory, participants will be introduced to formal practices such as meditation and body awareness exercises as well as informal practices that can be done anywhere, anytime, quickly and easily. Session delivery can range from one to six hours.  


* Keynote presentations can be customized based on conference themes and audience interest.  Contact us for pricing and availability.

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